We are lighting specialist

Safest Electrical is frequently recommended contractor,we are highly expericed

Safest Electrical has lighting expert ,who design perfect way that save energy bill following British Standard.

We do all kind lighting

Ceiling light

Spot light

Bar light

Pendant light

Wall light

Chandelier lighting   

LED lighting

Kitchen lighting

Under cabinet lighting

Outside lighting

Security lighting

Floor lighting

Street lighting

Bath room lighting

IP rated lighing

B-22 lighting

E-14 lighting

E-27 lighting

E-40 lighting

High bay lighting

2-D lighting

Florescent lighting

Canopy lighing

Car park lighting

Ware house lighting

Garden lighiting

and many more...  

Lighting controls

Lighting design for office and restaurant

Our expert knows all lighting technology,design and implementation

We design and we install.

Ambient lighting

Task lighting

Accent lighting

Living room lighting

Meeting room lighting

Work station lighting

Shop lighting

Kitchen lighting

Restaurant lighting

Deem lighting

Remote control 

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